2015 GuatePhoto Festival

Location: Santo Domingo del Cerro, Antigua Guatemala

Gallery: Santo Domingo del Cerro
Hours to visit: Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 6pm
Exhibition Opening: Saturday Nov. 21st at 10am
Address: Callejón La Joya Lote 10, Santa Inés de Montepulciano, Km. 42.5, Antigua Guatemala

Featuring Artists: Alvaro Laiz (2015 Grant Winner), Linda Forsell, AnnieFlannagan, Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Acacia Johnson, Andrea deFranciscis, Andew Biraj, Anna Boyiazis, Anna Clem, Brian Driscoll, ErikHagen, Fran Antmann, Juan Rodriguez Morales, Kim Raff, NatWard, Natalie Naccache-Khleif, Olga Ingurazova, Phillip Jung, RubenReyes, Sebastian Collet, Tommaso Rada, & Valerie Berta

The FotoVisura Grant for Outstanding Personal Project is an annual grant for Visura members with Plus, PRIME and GUILD accounts that aims to support and recognize a photographer for his or her long-term personal project as well as his or her vision. The the judges of the 2016 Grant were: Elizabeth Griffin (Esquire & Hearst Digital Media), Grey Hutton (Vice Magazine), Judy Walgren (San Francisco Chronicle), Lindsay Blatt (Instagram), MaryAnne Golon (The Washington Post), Sebastian Liste (Noor Images) and Simon Barnett (CNN).

Join cofounder Graham Letorney during GuatePhoto to learn about, including how to build an online presence with Visura.

Workshop: Visura
How to build an online presence with Visura
Date: Friday Nov. 20th
Time: 10am – 12pm and 3pm – 5pm (2 sessions)
Place: Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española – Antigua

Talk – The networking platform for photography and media
Date: Saturday Nov. 21st
Time: 12pm – 12:45pm
Place: Museo Arte de Guatemala – Antigua

Panel of Discussion – The artists as entrepreneur
Date: Saturday Nov. 21st
Time: 4pm – 4:45pm
Place: Museo Arte de Guatemala – Antigua
In collaboration with JJ Estrada, Juan Brenner and Martin Fernandez

The International Photography Festival GuatePhoto 2015 celebrates its third edition. The cities of Antigua and Guatemala will become from November 12th to the 30th in scenarios dedicated to contemporary photographic creation; gathering the talent of established and emergent artists, critics, cultural agents, institutions and the general public.

GuatePhoto is produced by La Fototeca and
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2010 GuatePhoto Festival

Location: Carlos Mérida Museum of Modern Art

Exhibition: Enamored
Curator: Adriana Teresa Letorney, FotoVisura
Featuring Artists: Larry Fink, Lauren Greenfield, Henry Horenstein, Edith Maybin, Andrea Bruce, Ruth Kaplan, Paz Errázurriz, Lana Šlezić

Enamored is a visual reflection about the force within women which binds our strength with our passion, intelligence with our body and healing power through belief; the internal energy that makes us courageous and victorious, without retaliation. On the contrary, it is a force, inspired by love, that is revealed in our silence.

This exhibit addresses the innate inner strength in women, one that unites us worldwide; transcending social, cultural and economical barriers. The fiber of the feminine within. The inner spirit. The energy that crucifies and crowns. The radiance that inspires with love when one is enamored.

This photographic exhibition seeks to let this intangible force become tangible, at least for an instant. Maybe this visualization will inspire change.

Projected Exhibition:Fling
Curator: Adriana Teresa Letorney, FotoVisura
Featuring Artists: Jaime Permuth, Jodi Watkins, Joseph Rodríguez, Richard Mosse, Lissie Habie (pictured), Achim Lippoth, Liudmila & Nelson, Maria Martínez—Cañas, Jeff Jacobson & Marnie Andrews

An energetic projection of various photographic works, video and multi-media installations

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