Exhibition at Brisbane Powerhouse

Dates: April 29 — May 25, 2014
Location: 119 Lamington Street, New Farm
Queensland, Australia 4005
Tel 61 7 3358 8622

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Curated by Adriana Teresa and Graham Letorney, the exhibition presents a selection of individual images by FotoVisura Members recognized by a panel of leading editors and curators in the FotoVisura SPOTLIGHT Grant for Outstanding Student Photography Projects.

Launched annually since 2010–The FotoVisura Grant aims to support personal photography projects and encourage the production and development of photography outside of the commercial realm. Divided into two categories–the Grant recognizes photographers as seen by their images, story, dedication and commitment of the photographer to the story or concept, as well as the extent that he or she is willing to go to bring about positive change in society.

This Exhibition is Sponsored by The Viso Lizardi Family.
The FotoVisura Grant is hosted on and funded by FotoVisura Inc.

Dialogue & Quiet Conversation: Part II

Andrea Gjestvang - 182

Dates: October 29 – November 30, 2013
Location: United Photo Industries, Brooklyn NYC
Opening Reception: Thursday November 7, 6-9PM

Curated by:
Graham Letorney, co-founder, FotoVisura inc.
Sam Barzilay, co-founder, United Photo Industries & Photoville

Photography, as a mode of communication, has a particular quality of addressing us without speaking down to us. The distance between viewer and subject can be reconciled with the intimacy of studying and inspecting each detail of a photograph. This exhibition seeks to inspire dialogue & quiet conversations with the viewer, transcending cultural and political boundaries.

FotoVisura Inc in collaboration with United Photo Industries is delighted to present Dialogue & Quiet Conversations: Part II, a gallery exhibition on display at United Photo Industries Gallery. Curated by Sam Barzilay and Graham Letorney—this exhibition consists of 12 individual images selected by a panel of leading curators and editors from the top finalists of the most recent FotoVisura Grant.

Dialogue & Quiet Conversations is a two part exhibition consisting of a projection and a printed show. As part of the FotoVisura Pavilion sponsored by the Viso Lizardi Family, Dialogue & Quiet Conversations is produced by FotoVisura Inc.

Featured Artists:
Andrea Gjestvang
Poulomi Basu
Jenn Ackerman
Alejandro Olivares
Alan Charlesworth
Diana Markosian
Aaron Vincent Elkaim
Sara Naomi Lewkowicz
Christopher Gregory
Fabian Weiss
Kiana Hayeri
Elizabeth D. Herman

About FotoVisura Grant:

The Grant is one of the main resources that FotoVisura provides to its annual members. Divided into two categories, the Grant serves to help fund two winning photographers as well as facilitate the exposure of our members to a panel of leading editors and curators who are seeking to discover new projects and emerging photographers.

FotoVisura’s mission is to celebrate and support the international community of students, alumni and emerging photographers as well as recognize its leaders.

The Grant is divided into two categories:
• The FotoVisura Grant for Outstanding Personal Project
• The Spotlight Grant for Outstanding Student Project

A Special Thank you to the FotoVisura Grant Judges

Simon Barnett, Director of Photography, CNN Digital
Whitney Johnson, Director of Photography, The New Yorker
Elizabeth Krist, Senior Photo Editor, National Geographic Magazine
James Estrin, Co-Editor, New York Times Lens Blog
Christina Cahill, former Manager, Reportage by Getty Images
Patricia Nagy Travieso, Executive Editor, Elle Magazine Intnl. Editions
Adriana Teresa Letorney, Co-founder FotoVisura Inc.
Claire O’Neill, Editor, NPR Picture Show Blog
Neil Harris, Associate Photo Editor, TIME
Jamie Goldenberg, Photo Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine

And The Spotlight (Student) Grant Judges

Amber Terranova, Photo Editor, PDN Magazine
Sam Barzilay, Creative Director, United Photo Industries
Michael Itkoff, Co-founder, Daylight Books
Graham Letorney, Co-founder, FotoVisura Inc.
Manik Katya, Photo Editor, Emaho Magazine

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