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Magacín Highlights FotoVisura Pavilion

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Desde La Bateria, a Digital Exhibition by Ismael Cancel

About the Exhibition
Desde La Bateria by Ismael Cancel is featured in the 2012 FotoVisura Pavilion in San Juan, Puerto Rico, as a digital exhibition sponsored by Puerto Rico Outdoor Media Group & Billboard Media Group Puerto Rico. It is being presented on 5 billboards across the city, from August 28th to September 2nd.

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ADÁL Featured in NY Times Lens Blog

Adál Maldonado has been a photographic documentarian, a Dadaist visual satirist and a Nuyorican conceptual artist.

But most of all, he has been a cultural provocateur, who has focused on issues of identity throughout his broad career.

Though often reduced to a few pat phrases, identity is not always a simple matter. Adál — his professional moniker — says his identity is fluid and has changed to circumstances. But at its core has always been the Puerto Rican culture which is itself a blend of Spanish, African and indigenous Taino influences, among others.

In his own life, he has gone from being the child of farmers in the mountains of Puerto Rico to living as a teenager in the Bronx, becoming a hippie, studying photography in San Francisco and being an artist in SoHo.

“We are multilayered because so many different cultures and races came through Puerto Rico with the slave trade,” Mr. Maldonado said. “We became a sort of fusion of all those experiences and ideas. I was raised to feel that I had many different dimensions that I could choose from.” [ Read Full Article ]

Links: Adál’s FotoVisura Exhibition | Adál’s Website

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El Museo del Barrio Highlights FotoVisura Pavilion

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About El Museo del Barrio
El Museo del Barrio, New York’s leading Latino cultural institution, welcomes visitors of all backgrounds to discover the artistic landscape of Latino, Caribbean, and Latin American cultures. Their richness is represented in El Museo’s wide-ranging collections and exhibitions, complemented by film, literary, visual and performing arts series, cultural celebrations, and educational programs. A dynamic artistic, cultural, and community gathering place, El Museo is a center of cultural pride on New York’s Museum Mile.

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Time Lightbox Blogs About FotoVisura Pavilion

About Time Lightbox
More than a collection of stunning visuals, LightBox is our opportunity to give you a daily behind-the-scenes look at our photography as well as inspiring new projects. We want to immerse you in the visual side of the news and highlight photography that pushes boundaries in the art world. As part of our regular features, we’ll include the backstory from photo shoots, firsthand accounts from photographers in the field, profiles of legendary imagemakers, photo essays and more. |

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Center For The New Economy Highlights FVP

About CNE
The Center for the New Economy (CNE) is an independent nonpartisan institution dedicated to creating a new economy for Puerto Rico that is prosperous, balanced, and equitable.

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Announcing Satellite Exhibitions

Auxiliaris for Haiti

A Group Show highlighting the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti

Photographers Andrés Leighton (Associated Press), Alvin J. Baez (El Vocero), José Jiménez Tirado (Auxiliaris), Frank Elias, Ramon Tonito Zayas (El Nuevo Día), Ricardo Arduengo (Associated Press) and Xavier Araujo (El Nuevo Dia), traveled to Haiti to document the tragic earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince on January 12, 2010.

As they covered the catastrophe, each photographer agreed to support a handful of orphanages overwhelmed by so much need. From this experience, the exhibition “Auxiliaries for Haiti” was born. It was first presented at the Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art on February 25, 2010 with a mission to raise funds for the Foundation Enfants Jesus asylum.

During the last two years it has since been exhibited throughout the island, in coordination with other charitable efforts, raising awareness in terms of Haiti’s continuous need of humanitarian assistance.

Opens: August 30, 2012 @ 7pm
Location: La Respuesta
1600 Ave. Fernandez Juncos,
esq. Calle Del Parque,
Santurce, Puerto Rico

Casual Thinking

Featuring the work of Jay García

Casual Thinking is a reflection of the way J. Garcia sees and captures random moments of his life. His photography is never staged, but sometimes searched for. He has set out to document the encounters, and moments that have casually stumbled upon him. It reflects not only the way he shoots, it also represents his life, the way he skates, edits and loves. Without much analyzing involved, and running into situations, strangers, and life long friends. It is simply a pure way to go about the things that have inspired him. Inspired by the work of Henri Cartier Bresson, André Kertész, William Eggleston, Alec Soth and Kwaku Alston—this is a collection of images all shot on film while on the move. From skateboarding around the world, touring with Draco Rosa, and living in Los Angeles, CA. J. García tries to share his experiences in their most natural form.

Opens: August 30, 2012 @ 7pm
Location: La Respuesta
1600 Ave. Fernandez Juncos,
esq. Calle Del Parque,
Santurce, Puerto Rico

La Fundación Jorge Ramos Caro le invita a la:

VIII Bienal Internacional de Fotografía de Puerto Rico

Opens: Thursday, Septiembre 6, 2012/ 7:00PM
Museo de las Américas (Cuartel de Ballajá) Sala 3
Exhibition Dates: Septiembre 6 – October 28m 2012
Days & Hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

Artistas participantes: Eduardo Bermúdez García, Tari Beroszi, Rosamary Berríos, Karim Borjas, Lucía Castellano, Abey Charrón, José Charrón, Jorge Chavarria, Salvi Colom, Angel Rafael Figueroa Piñero, Anthony Gamunev, Emiliano Gatica, Manuel González, Víctor Rafael González, Gabriel López Albarrán, Hermanos Lumière, Carmen Mojica, Lorna Otero, Adiela Marie, Luis Francisco Marti, José Martínez Soto, Jorge Ramos Caro, Waleska Rivera, Marisol Roca Vall-Llobera, Ricardo Rodrí- guez, Gretchen Ruiz Ramos, Annie Saldaña, Marisol Villan- ueva, Haydee (Tita) Yordán

Un Saludo a FotoVisura y a la Bienal
Internacional de Fotografía

La Galería Casa Jefferson invita a la exhibición fotográfica, COLECTIVA 20-TÚ, como un saludo al evento FotoVisura, y la VIII Bienal Internacional de Fotografía de Puerto Rico que se celebrará en la isla a partir del mes de septiembre. La exhibición COLECTIVA 20-TÚ será el sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2012, a partir de las 7:00p.m., en la Galería Casa Jefferson, en Santurce.

Un ventetú (20-TÚ) es un término coloquial, un puertorriqueñismo, que significa convocar amistosamente a un evento artístico creativo y espontáneo.

COLECTIVA 20-TÚ contará con veinte fotógrafos puertorriqueños, convocados por invitación. Los fotógrafos participantes son: Haydee Yordán, Farrique Pesquera, Frank Elías, Luis Muñoz, Gretchen Ruíz, Carlos Rubín, Ana Francheska Von, Juan Ibáñez, Abey Charrón, Migdalia Luz, Herminio Rodríguez, María González, Nina Martí, Stephanie Alvelo, Xavier Araujo, Joa Rodríguez, Yolanda Velazquez, Pucho Charrón, Ernesto Robles, Hermanos Lumiere, Michel Collado y Clay Humphrey.

La Galería Casa Jefferson está localizada en la Calle Jefferson #106, en Santurce, a pasos de la emblemática Calle Loíza.

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The images featured in the exhibit are part of Bracco’s Pulitzer Center project “Los Ninis: Mexico’s Lost Generation” by Bracco and journalist Susana Seijas. The two traveled to Mexico in 2011 to examine the reality of life as a Nini in the murder capital of the world: Juarez.

Read On
View Dominic Bracco’s work on Visura Spotlight

About The Pulitzer Center
The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting is an innovative award-winning non-profit journalism organization dedicated to supporting the independent international journalism that U.S. media organizations are increasingly less able to undertake. The Center focuses on under-reported topics, promoting high-quality international reporting and creating platforms that reach broad and diverse audiences.

. . .

View screen grab of article

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Repeating Islands Highlights FV Pavilion

“FotoVisura Inc. announces the 2012 FotoVisura Pavilion in San Juan, Puerto Rico, a four-day contemporary photography event celebrating international and local photography through exhibitions, panel talks, and a portfolio consultation and review. The event will run from August 30 to September 2, 2012.”

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