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ADÁL Featured in NY Times Lens Blog

Adál Maldonado has been a photographic documentarian, a Dadaist visual satirist and a Nuyorican conceptual artist.

But most of all, he has been a cultural provocateur, who has focused on issues of identity throughout his broad career.

Though often reduced to a few pat phrases, identity is not always a simple matter. Adál — his professional moniker — says his identity is fluid and has changed to circumstances. But at its core has always been the Puerto Rican culture which is itself a blend of Spanish, African and indigenous Taino influences, among others.

In his own life, he has gone from being the child of farmers in the mountains of Puerto Rico to living as a teenager in the Bronx, becoming a hippie, studying photography in San Francisco and being an artist in SoHo.

“We are multilayered because so many different cultures and races came through Puerto Rico with the slave trade,” Mr. Maldonado said. “We became a sort of fusion of all those experiences and ideas. I was raised to feel that I had many different dimensions that I could choose from.” [ Read Full Article ]

Links: Adál’s FotoVisura Exhibition | Adál’s Website

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