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Dumbo Arts Center, 111 Front Street, Suite 212, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Curated and produced by Adriana Teresa, the FotoVisura Pavilion—located in the Dumbo Arts Center—is sponsored by the
Viso Lizardi Family. In this year's exhibition, curator Adriana Teresa seeks to inspire a dialogue on how the roles we assume are a mere reflection of the life that we live; how photography can become a mirror to that life and in doing so introduce a historical narrative of an event and the experience of an individual, as well as that of a community, city, state, and a country; and, how from a human standpoint we are fragile, and this contemporary world is a humbling experience to our generation.

Dia Exhibition In Love and War Exhibition VWA Exhibition E-Cite Exhibition

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Thursday, May 12th, 6:30pm: An Intimate Screen and Discussion with artists from Dia Exhibition located at The FotoVisura Pavilion, 111 Front Street, Suite 212, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Moderated by Adriana Teresa, FotoVisura. Cocktail will follow the Talk from 8-10pm.

Saturday, May 14th, 4pm: E-Cite: The Phenomena of Online Blogs & Magazines at St. Anne's Warehouse located at 38 Water St. DUMBO, Brooklyn. Moderated by James Estrin, Co-Editor of the NY Times Lens Blog & Senior Staff Photographer; Panelists: Kira Pollack: Director of Photography, Time Magazine; Holly Stuart Hughes, Executive Editor, PDN; David Walter Banks, Luceo Images; Adriana Teresa Letorney, Publisher, Visura Magazine/ Cocktail will follow the Talk from 6:30-9pm.

Sunday, May 15th, 1pm: Artist Talk with FotoVisura Grant Winner Justin Maxon. Located at St. Anne's Warehouse located at 38 Water St. DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Sunday, May 15th, 3pm: An Intimate Screening and Discussion with the artists from Love and War Exhibition, located at The FotoVisura Pavilion, 111 Front Street, Suite 212, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Moderated by Adriana Teresa, Curator.


Featuring Enoïse Joseph, Magda Joseph, Mélina Marcellus, Brigitte Jean Baptiste, Dayana Lourdy Therne, Rosebertine Gilot, Manouchka Lecilius. Pierre Adelin, Belijacques St.Cleris, Ricardo Montius, Junior Jean Baptiste, Romual Iddy Michel, Wislande Francois, Emmanuela Laventure, Caroline Zephir, Moise Louise-Albert, Lucilia and Mercilia Alcindor.

The Vwa (Voice) Exhibition consists of twenty-one images made by Haitian teenagers from Jacmel, Cap Haitien and Camp Espoir. The participating students, who had no previous experience with photography, made the images during hands-on photography workshops. While documenting their communities they also focused on the role they can play in contributing to their society.

The Photo-Sphere workshops in Haiti were run by The Envision Foundation for Photography and Digital Media in partnership with UNICEF and PLAN in Haiti.

Sponsored by Andrea and Mark Letorney with the support of Unicef and The Envision Foundation, This exhibition was also made possible with In-Kind support by Beth Schiffer Pro Photo Lab and L2 Fine Art Mounting & Framing.



E-cite, a slide show presentation featuring a selection of five online blogs and magazines — New York Times Lens Blog, Time Magazine Lightbox, PDN Photo of the Day Blog & Visura Magazine—that have inspired the FotoVisura community. In a collaborative effort, each of these forums has created a unique presentation to represent their respective platforms.

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Visura Magazine

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