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Curated and produced by Adriana Teresa, the FotoVisura Latin American Pavilion—located in the Dumbo Arts Center—is sponsored by the Viso Lizardi Family. This year the Pavilion is showcasing two exhibitions each presenting visual responses to the universal themes of; identity, sexuality, health, religion and daily life.

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Sponsored by Visura Media

Featuring cuban photographers:
René Peña
Raul Cañibano
Arien Chang
Alejandro González
Liudmila & Nelson
along with Mexican artist Alinka Echeverría
and American artist Susan Bank.

About the artists »

"Once upon a time there was a little prince who lived on a planet that was scarcely any bigger than himself, and who had need of a sheep..."
- - - - - - - - - -
“Before they grow so big, the Baobabs start by being little.”
—Le Petit Prince

The exhibition Baobabs is not thematic but a curator’s choice with the intention of breaking free from all boundaries and political discourse, in order to inspire—both individually and as a collective—dialogue and reflection. Cuban artists Raul Cañibano, René Peña, Alejandro González, Arien Change, Liudmila & Nelson, along with Mexican visual artist Alinka Echeverría and American photographer Susan Bank—individually share personal projects that each address a universal theme: identity, sexuality, health, religion and daily life.

A baobab is an African tree found in the remote deserts of Australia, Africa or Madagascar. It is a tree that looks as if it is growing upside-down, with crooked branches, furry fruits and gnarled roots sitting on top of a humongous, smooth trunk. These solitary “upside down trees” have learned to adapt and survive in a dry and hostile environment. Many scientists have said that the capacity to endure this environment is one that the rest of the planet may very well envy with time as the earth heats up.

In the book Le Petite Prince, a baobab tree is cited as a tree that may "split" a small planet into pieces. The Little Prince had a real desire to destroy all the baobabs in fear that they would completely take over his planet. Without coming to any conclusion, I thought this was an interesting juxtaposition to the characteristics of the tree. The meaning of the tree will vary and redefine itself according to the perspective of the observer. There are no conclusions—although this exhibition takes you to Cuba, in essence, in its themes, there is a real universal reflection on awareness, tolerance, respect, acceptance, and most importantly, dialogue.


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Clara de Tezanos - FotoVisura Pavilion




Guatemala: A territory of many trees

Sponsored by La Fototeca Guatemala

Featuring Guatemalan photographers
Clara de Tezanos
Juan José Estrada

About the artists »

The exhibition GUATELAMA: A Territory of Many Trees is a visual dialogue between two young emerging Guatemalan artists—Juan José Estrada and Clara de Tezanos—about life in Guatemala today.
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Bertita y Guillermo L. Martínez, Yaz Hernández, Federico Hernández of Empresas FH, L2 Fine Art Mounting and Framing, Miguel Zenón


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Contemporary Latin American Photography Panel Discussions

Location: St. Anne's Warehouse
Moderated by Adriana Teresa

Panel I: A Curators' Perspective
Thursday May 13th, 5:30—6:20pm
Guest Panelists:
Ricardo Viera—Curator and Director of the Lehigh University Art Galleries
Elvis Fuentes—Curator of El Museo del Barrio
Idurre Alonso—Curator of MoLAA Museum of Latin American Art
Nelson Ramírez de Arellano—Curator of La Fototeca de Cuba


Panel II: An Artists' Perspective
Saturday, May 15th, 7:30-8:20pm
Guest Artists:
Alinka Echeverría (Mexico)
Juan José Estrada (Guatemala)
Clara de Tezanos (Guatemala)
Susan Bank (USA)
Nelson Ramírez de Arellano (Cuba)


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The FotoVisura Latin American Pavilion—curated by Adriana Teresa, co-founder of FotoVisura and Visura Media— is sponsored by the Viso Lizardi Family along with the Exhibition Support of La Fototeca Guatemala and Visura Media; supporting contributions by Rovers North; contributing support by Guggenheim fellow and Grammy nominee Jazz musician Miguel Zenón, Bertita y Guillermo Martínez, Yaz Hernández, Federico Hernández of Empresas FH & Celso Miguel González; along with in Kind support by Beth Schiffer Lab, Institute for Mexican Culture, Museum of El Barrio, Lehigh University Art Galleries, MoLAA Museum of Latin American Art and L2 Fine Art Mounting and Framing. Special thanks Melissa Viso, Andrea and Mark Letorney, Ricardo Viera, Idurre Alonso, Elvis Fuentes, Marta Michelle Colón, Teresa and Ian Canino, Salomé Galib, Daniel Power, Frank Evers, Michael Itkoff, David Allan Harvey, Anton Kusters, Julio Paredes, Anthony Beale, Claire O’Neill, James Estrin, Brian Storm, Mark Murrmann, Jon Levy, William Ewing, Nathalie Herschdorfer, David González, Milagros de la Torres, Tiffany Pfeiffer, John Sevigny, Lauren Schneiderman and Graham Letorney.

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